Monday, September 23, 2013

Choice Foods Marshmallow Munchies

Wow, anyone shocked to hear from me today? I'm pretty much just getting out of my incapacitated state. Let's just say I feel pretty good about the fact that i've been able to stay awake until 9pm every night the past week or so. My bedtime before was averaging 7:30... I mean the sun was still out and I was already comatose with exhaustion.

I actually have a growing list of pregnancy issues I would like to take up with someone someday. For example who thought it would be a good idea to increase a woman's sense of smell when she's already deathly sick? And lets make sure to make her extra hungry so shes forced to eat tons even though everything in sight looks disgusting... And just to make everything real fun, lets give her serious constipation issues... too much info? Ok enough ranting, I'll save the rest of my list for someone who cares, like my husband, bahaha...

So since I haven't been cooking recently, I obviously have looked to other resources for my rice krispy fix. And to my rescue has com Choice Foods Marshmallow Munchies. These guys were kind enough to send me some samples of their rice krispy treats lately. They were just what the doctor ordered.

I'll go flavor by flavor for your convenience:

Plain: these were some good ole rice krispy treats. Basic marshmallows deliciousness. And to make them even better, they were Giant! I'm pretty sure one of these could make a meal if itself. My husband was a big fan of these.

Scotcheroo: Now here's where we get to the good stuff. Lets be honest, I'm obviously a flavors kind of a girl. And these hit the mark. They are slightly chewier thanks to the butterscotch and pb, and the chocolate topping just hits the mark. I give it an A+.

S'mores: These ones were yummy too. I have to say I enjoyed my scotheroo more, but considering I'm a peanut butter addict that's probably a given.  These goodies definitely packed a s'mores flavor with their chocolate/marshmallow/graham topping!

Peanut Butter: These little goodies I didn't even notice at first, they kind of blended in with the Scotcheroos in the box (or maybe I was just inhaling my Scotcheroo to fast to pay attention to anything else?...) but the packaging says it all. These were definitely a Bonus bar! My favorite hands down. Chewy and crispy peanut buttery goodness, and with a chocolate topping just to finish if off! 

So if you are ever in a cooking rut like me, I highly recommend giving these a try! I'm pretty sure they are all twice as big as a normal rice krispy treat so don't worry, there will be plenty to share... if you're the sharing type (Which I'm really not. But lucky for me they sent 2 of every flavor so there was no need to... anyways...)

Ok we'll hopefully I'll be back on the block soon! Until then!!!


  1. Hi! You don't know me, but I read your blog and have tried lots of your recipes. I hope you're starting to feel a little better. I love your writing style--you're so funny, and I love your creative rice krispie ideas. My kids and I each picked a bunch we wanted to try this summer, and we found a bunch we love! In fact, your cookies and cream recipe is my son's favorite. He has requested it for baseball team treats, and 4 pans full for his arrow of light this week. So, thanks--you're awesome!

    1. Thank you!!! That's so nice of you - I'm glad you've liked the treats!

  2. I can't wait to try each and every recipe on this blog! Very creative! Keep up the great work!


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