Some people have asked for tips on how to improve taste and texture of their rice krispy treats. So here are some of the tricks I've gathered while making way too many batches of rice krispy treats. Let me know if you have any other questions!

1.) Mini Marshmallows: This one may be obvious, but use the mini marshmallows. They melt faster and much more evenly than the big ones.

2.) Marshmallow Freshness: marshmallows go stale , I'll be the first to say it. And when they do they are Really hard to melt to that smooth silkiness we're  going for. And if they do melt they'll probably make the treats very chewy and hard ( and not in a good way) Do yourself a favor and make sure your mallows are relatively fresh and soft.

3.) Cook the marshmallows low and slow: Everyone has the tendency to speed through the melting process. But the mallows need some serious love, people. If you try and rush through this, they will get hard once they cool instead of keeping the chewy texture everyone loves. So to avoid this, turn that heat down to low. It might take a bit longer but it's worth it!

4.) Save some marshmallows until the last minute of melting: Save like 1 cup of the mallows until the last minute of melting. That way you get a few chunks of pure marshmallowy goodness.

5.) Heaping: All my recipes use a 1:1 ratio of marshmallows to rice krispies. But my measurements are usually very full cups when it comes to marshmallows. (So when I say 6 cups of marshmallows, I mean 6 generous cups... no skimping)

6.) Add vanilla: It's amazing what that little bit of extra flavoring can do. Trust me.

7.) Add extras during last minute of melting the marshmallows: You want to add all the flavor enhancers (i.e. cake mixes, pudding mixes, etc) before the marshmallows fully melt. My advice is to add them during the last minute of melting the marshmallows so all the sugar crystals have time to dissolve. (Nobody likes grainy mallows!)

8.) Let the rice krispies sit 5 min before pressing into the pan: Simply dump the rice krispies into the pan and let them sit a minute. This helps avoid a soggy or stale texture. After a minute or two of cooling you can then press them into the pan.

9.) Use a smaller pan. In most all my recipes I say to use a 9x9 pan because I like my rice krispies nice and thick. Realistically you could use a 9x13, they will just be thinner.

10.) When in doubt, add more marshmallows :)


  1. Hahaha I am in love with this section! Who knew I could learn so many tricks for better rice krispie treats. Thank you for this blog! You're absolutely right, who can ever have enough? :) :) Your kid is ADORABLE, BTW!!! Just had to say :D

    1. Ha ha, thanks for your comment! I know, who'd ever think there be tricks for making rice krispy treats ;)

  2. Great blog!
    I recently read about two cereal treat taste tests and both gave the highest marks to the gluten free Rice Krispies.
    Have you tried them yet?


    1. I haven't tried the gluten free ones yet, but I think I'll have to now! Thanks Kate

    2. Your blog cracks me up!! Love your enthusiasm about rice krispies. I have a few obsessions of my own!

  3. Believe it or not, I've found that the Walmart generic brand (Great Value) of marshmallows (mini or regular) has a better melting point and a MUCH better flavor than Kraft.

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