Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Day in the Life of Summer....

Hey everyone! I'm actually on vacation this week no no delicious rice krispy treat post today. I'm know you're all heartbroken ;) Instead I decided to do a photo post.

So I've seen a lot of bloggers doing a photo journal "day in their lives" kind of thing lately. Where they take a picture every hour during a normal day in their life. So I decided it'd be fun to do too. Because I'm all about jumping on bandwagons. Following the crowd. You know. So here was a typical Wednesday of this last week, a day in the life of Summer. Get excited guys, this is the stuff Oscars are made of. Ahem.

Wednesday June 26, 2013

6:00 AM | After 15 minutes of squawking I'm resigned to the fact that my child is awake. We spend our first hour drinking our milky and cuddling in Mom and Dad's bed. (aka: my child playing steamroller, horsey, more steamroller, etc while Mom and Dad pretend they're still asleep)  

7:00 AM | El Destructo hits. We spend the next hour pulling out every toy we own. I'm pretty sure she's taking inventory to make sure nothing was stolen during the night. 

8:00 AM | Breakfast! We start out with oatmeal before getting to the good stuff, strawberries! About 50% of these will end up on the floor.

9:00 AM | Stair climbers. We spend approximately 1-2 hours of each day climbing up and down our staircase. You'd think it's get old eventually. My role is to sit at the bottom and/or top of the stairs and throw a ball for her to retrieve. Rinse and Repeat.

10:00 AM | Walk Time! Mom definitely needs to get out of the house by now. (Did I mention our 2nd car died about 2 weeks ago? Meaning I have no car all day... 2 Words: CABIN FEVER) This is walk #1 of the day. Usually we go on at least 2... or 3... 4? Depends on Mom's sanity level for the day.

11:00 AM | Nap Time!!! So Mom is super productive.... Ahem.

12:00 PM | I was late getting her out of her crib after her nap. I think she cried for a whole 7 minutes or something. Thus her angry face. Don't worry, I make it up to her with a delicious lunch of peanut butter and jelly and a banana. 

1:00 PM | Pool Time. Scoping out the scene before we charge the water. 

2:00 PM | Back inside. Time to spy on the neighbors. Got to keep a close eye on them you know. 

3:00 PM | By now we usually go on a 2nd walk of the day. Today we opted for some nature exploration instead. (Aka: throwing rocks into the pool, pulling up flowers, inspecting rolly pollies, serious meltdowns when Mom won't let us play with the thorny rose bush... the usual)

4:00 PM | Yard Work? This is the witching hour when Mom starts getting desperate... (and yes, if you've noticed my child get progressively more naked as the day goes on. Let's just say a diaper is a legitimate outfit in my mind)

 5:00 PM | Bath time and dinner for the little one, then the last fewminutes to ejoy each others company before she's off to bed (aka: blowing toots on mom's leg... hours of fun)

 6:00 PM | Ahhh... time to read some books and then off to bed at 6:30 sharp! We are firm supporters of Benjamin Franklin's "Early to bed, early to rise" quote.

7:00 - 10:00 PM | I won't bore you with individual pictures but these next 3 hours consist of the husband getting home and us spending quality time together...aka him watching "the game" (I've learned there is always some sort of game on) while I read a book or browse the internet stalk dessert blogs. Although sometimes we mix things up and have game nights. I don't want to brag but I'm kinda a speed scrabble master. The husband's talent lies more with Yahtzee. To each his own. Then around 10ish we mosey on up to bed. Yes at 10. I can't remember the last time I stayed up past 11. I'm old people.

And that's it! A day with me! I feel like we know each other so much better now don't you...? 


  1. Hi! I came across your blog a week or so ago when searching for treats for my husband to take to work that included red hots. Love all of these rice krispy treats. HOW FUN! Thanks for the great recipe.

    1. Thanks Julie! Rice krispy treats are so fun aren't they? :)


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