Rice Krispy Treats. I know what you're thinking: You have a blog based on rice krispy treats? Yes, true story my friends.

When I originally presented this idea to my husband he gave me a little grin and said, "you want to perfect rice krispy treats?..." Like, was I actually referring to the cereal bars every kid can make by the time they are 8? Yes husband, I am.

I admit they do seem like a very basic dessert. But who’s to say that there isn't a little finesse needed to make these things perfect? I mean have you ever  had a really good rice krispy treat? I mean a perfectly soft but not overly gooey, slightly crunchy but not rock hard, rice krispy treat that makes you have dive back for more? Because if you haven't, you have come to the right place! Hear you'll find endless varieties to this somewhat basic yet awesome dessert!

I used to work in online marketing but now I'm a stay home mom of 3 beautiful babes, all age 2 and under! (2 are a set of twins) 😳 I love cooking, reading, and occasionally I pretend to be crafty. (Think "Pinterest fail" type of results) Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This idea isn't just crazy-it's crazy amazing. I love it. I'm so happy I found your blog, I'm now going to look through every one of your recipes haha

  2. Great blog dedicated to rice krispies!! I was just wondering how do you store your rice krispies? and how long do they store for?

    1. Thank you! I usually just keep them in the 9x9 pan, covered with foil on my counter. They keep about 2-3 days at my house... although honestly they usually are eaten up pretty quick ;)

  3. They would never last more than 2-3 days in my house! Your blog is fabulous, what a fun idea. Your recipes look delicious, and I can't wait to try them... thinking the blueberry muffin version will be my first. Thanks so much for the awesome recipes and great tips!


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