Friday, March 29, 2013

Fun Friday #6: Cleaning

So today's Friday favs are based on something I hold near and dear to my heart: cleaning (cough cough) Ok Maybe not. But it is something that seems to consume a large part of my life. And therefore I have some favorites when it comes to it. They are the following:

1.) Magic Eraser: Ok, to start out with let me just say this isn't something I buy all the time. Because realistically these erasers only last about 1 cleaning for me. So in a cost analysis they are kind of a rip off. However, about once every 4-5 months I decide to do an all-over deep house cleaning which includes wiping down marks on my walls, baseboards, etc, etc. That's where these handy dandy's come in. Their name says it all: Magic. Seriously, like the worst scuff marks ever come off my walls with this thing. And I figure paying $3.50 for one of these baby's is a lot cheaper than paying for a maid service to come in right?

2.) Vinegar: Ew, gross. Can you say stinky? Yes. Can you say amazing? YES. Seriously, I use this stuff for cleaning everything. Floors, bathrooms, kitchen, etc, etc. It works miracles for the basic day to day grubs. I'm talking 3 day old baby food that dried under my child's high chair. And it's cheap. I finally just attached a spray nozzle to the top of my bottle since I use it so much for cleaning. Just be prepared with a good room scent to spray afterwards.

3.) Febreeze Linen Scent: Speaking of room scents, I love the febreeze linen scent. A few whiffs of this stiff and I feel like I'm living in a freshly scrubbed home with recently done laundry. Which may or may not be a good thing since then I fool myself into thinking I actually did clean or do the laundry... hmmm.

4.) Scrubbing Bubbles: Can I just say I loath cleaning showers, tubs, bathrooms in general? I swear no matter how hard I try, they still have that bathroom smell, etc about them. Which is where scrubbing bubbles come in. I can spray it, leave it to do it's thing, come back and wipe it off and boom! a clean surface! It's amazing. I love it. (I will say if you have some serious bathroom scum it may take a few sprays/wipes, but overall it's pretty pain free)

So there you go. Happy spring cleaning everyone, right? Or maybe just happy Friday. Yeah, we'll just leave it at that.

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