Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun-Friday Favs #4: Exercise

Can we just talk about working out for a minute? I posted earlier this year about a half marathon I signed up for. Without going into the details we'll just say I blew my knee out and haven't been able to run (or walk) since. So I've had to find an alternate workouts I could do at home. Here are my current favorites:
1.) Crossfit Mamas: This site is awesome. AWESOME. This girl posts a new crossfit workout every day that is: (1) something you can do at home simply with a pair of dumbells. No fancy equipment, gym pass etc. (2) They're short. I think the longest one I've done yet is about 20 min but they range anywhere from 5 min to 15 min. Perfect. (3) Anyone can do them. You can totally go at whatever pace you're at (Trust me, there are some studly girls that do these workouts... then there are others like me. I'll leave it at that). I'm seriously a huge fan of these. Go try it out!

2.) Blogilates: I actually found this site before I got into the crossfitmamas one. I love this girl's videos! She's super cute and peppy (but not in an annoying way...) and breaks down all her videos by body part or theme. My favorite ones are the song challenges where she focuses on one body part for the length of one song (these could be my favorite because they are only like 4-5 minutes long each... hmm...) Check her out!

3.) Hostess Powdered Donuts: Just to make sure you guys don't think I'm actually a hard core fitness guru, I'm bringing it back to reality. I love Hostess mini powdered donuts. Totally processed? Yes. Totally sugary and bad for you? Yes. Totally delicious and yummy in that powdery goodness way? Yes. So worth it.

Ah, it's Friday. Bless the world. For whatever reason simple knowing it's Friday makes everything better.
Happy Happy Friday Everyone!!!

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