Friday, April 5, 2013

Fun Friday Favs #7: Baby

Fun Friday Favs #6: Baby

Oh my gosh, where to start. I mean I definitely have some favorite items when it comes to this child of mine. I'm going to limit them to 5 though. For everyone's sake. Here we go:

Fun Friday Favs #6: Baby

1.) Black out Curtains: If you don't own these, go to the store and buy some. Today. Best Thing I've ever one for myself my child. The 2 o'clock blazing sun disappears behind a curtain of blackness. Bonus is it helps keep out the summer heat. I have nothing else to say. These things are beautiful.

2.) Conair Noisemaker:  This little machine may have saved my life. My sister recommended it to me a few months ago and I've used it since for every naptime, bedtime, you name it. It helps wind down my child as well as block out outside noises that wake her up (curse you ridiculously loud trash truck!) It's got like 10 different noises and has a 1 hr timer or an endless option. Bonus it's less than $20!

3.) Boogie Wipes: A friend gave me a pack of these when my daughter was first born. I didn't realize the gold mine I had until our first cold. Best. Product. Ever. It's moist so it doesn't rub her nose raw, plus it has saline in it which helps clear up the mucus. These things are a little more expensive then your normal tissues but hands down, totally worth it.

4.) Munchkin Baby Spoons: Is it dumb to love a spoon? What even more dumb is the 20 minutes I spent at Babies R Us trying to decide between these spoons and another more basic type. (I have decision making issues) Anyways I'm super glad I got these. They have a little bit of a deeper scoop so you can actually give a decent sized bite without going overboard. They are also soft and slightly flexible. Bonus they are fun colors. Yes, I am in love with a spoon.

5.) Munchkin Shampoo Rinser: (dang, I should be sponsored by Munchkin or something...) Someone gave this to me at my baby shower and I love it. Never would have really thought about it but it's been awesome. When she was little I used it to wash her, and now that she's bigger it's become her favorite bath toy. It's really flexible, it's got a handle, a pour spout, it's pink... what's not to love?

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