Friday, April 19, 2013

Fun Friday Favs #9: Rice Krispy Treats

Fun Friday Favs #6: Baby

Today's post focuses on my favorite things about rice krispies. These little gems, if you're not a fan already you will be after today's post. Now I'm going to skip over the obvious facts that they are delicious morsels of goodness derived from sugar and butter... what's not to love? But let's dig a little deeper:

1.) They are fast. 
I mean I know there's the whole idea that quality takes time... but lets be honest, there is something wonderful about whipping these up in under 15 minutes. As much as I love me some warm brownies, the hour it takes to bake is a bit of a put off. I want my sugar and I want it now!

2.) They are forgiving.
Now I am not suggesting that I am a bad cook, more just a bad measurer. Precision isn't one of my strong points. Now my husband? He's another story. The man will level out a cup of chocolate chips. Me? I'd just dump some out until it looked good. Which is probably why he studied accounting and I studied marketing. Which is also probably why his cakes rise and mine fall. Anyhoo, like I said, rice krispies, verrrry forgiving. You want a few extra mallows? No prob. Little extra butter? You and I should be friends.

3.) They are cheap.
I mean come on people, we are in a recession here. I can only justify spending so much on desserts every month. These beauties? Rice krispies, marshmallows, and butter. Boom. Did, Done. And you can even go generic on all the brands. I won't tell.

4.) They are Versatile.
Um, the fact that I have an entire blog based on rice krispy flavors should attest to this. I just thought I'd throw it in for good measure.

5.) They are (relatively) healthier.
Now lets be honest. I am eating a dessert. I plan on ingesting excess calories that provide no nutritional benefit whatsoever. However if you compare one of these to your favorite slice of cake or wedge of chocolaty brownies, I think these will come out on top. Unless you happen to eat the whole pan, in which case I won't judge you. Not that I have ever done it before. Or at least not recently... Depending on your definition of recent.

So that is the short list of rice krispy treat specialties. Just a few things to remind you why they are a classic. Now go make some. I'll meet you back here in 15 minutes. Happy Friday!


  1. On a recent trip to the dentist, he was wondering about a couple of sore places in the roof of my mouth and also in the corner of my mouth. I had to confess that I had eaten an entire pan of rice krispies treats. He cracked up laughing.

    1. Hahahah! This is hilarious - I'm sorry your mouth got cut up but that's a great story!

  2. I love how versatile they are - and your imagination for making them so versatile!


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