Monday, April 15, 2013

Strawberry Daiquiri Rice Krispy Treats

Before I get into this post, I feel it's important to note that these treats do not contain alcohol. As matter of fact, I don't even drink in the first place... so I'm really not going to be of any help for you party people. Ok, I just thought I'd better put that up front so nobody's disappointed :)

Mallow and Co: Strawberry Daiquiri Rice Krispy Treats

So onto my thoughts of the day. My girl is a bad eater. You always hear parents complain about their kids who are bad eaters/sleeper/etc... and in the back of your mind you always think your kid will never be that kid. Anyone? Maybe just me? Anyways, my child is that one. The picky eater. (bad sleeper too, but we'll save that for another day) The girl has been on a solid diet of bananas and yogurt for about 8 days now. I'm lucky if I can get a couple of cheerios in her.

I usually start the day off optimistic. Breakfast is always like a 5 course meal. Today I started off with eggs. On the floor. Pancakes? In her hair. Strawberries? I think she was trying to make homemade jam. Final Course that she actually ate? Bananas.

Ah, the best part is I always try and take bites from her tray to show her that it tastes good. You know the whole, "Mmmm, Mommy thinks this is yummy!" trick. But then I think she assumes I am hungry and all she'll do after that is try and feed me. Fail.

Mallow and Co: Strawberry Daiquiri Rice Krispy Treats

Whew.. multiply this by 3 meals a day, then by 7 days a week... we're talking 21+ times a week I go through this experience. Definitely enough to drive anyone over the edge. It's a good thing I don't drink, otherwise I'd probably have issues... ha ha, jk. But I'm always up for a good sugary treat to brighten my mood. So today I bring you the (virgin) Strawberry Daiquiri Rice Krispy Treat! This is a fun way to use up some of those flavored marshmallows you see everywhere lately. Because seriously, they are everywhere. It's the new craze, they are going to take over the cupcake fad, I just know it.

Anyhoo, these have the traditional Strawberry Daiquiri taste - strawberry with a hint of lime citrus by using a mix of strawberry and lime marshmallows. Yummy! And you can feel free to eat as many of these babies with no limits! A definite must in my book. Especially when it comes to recovering from mealtimes with my little troublemaker. Now you go make these treats, meanwhile I'm off to the store... I need to restock my girl's supply of bananas and yogurt.

Mallow and Co: Strawberry Daiquiri Rice Krispy Treats

Strawberry Daiquiri Rice Krispy Treats

5 Tbsp butter
5 cups strawberry marshmallows
1 cup lime marshmallows (I feel like these are all over walmart right now - go get some)
1 tsp vanilla
6 cups rice krispies

Pour the rice krispies in a large mixing bowl. Set aside. Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Turn the heat down to the lowest setting and add the marshmallows and vanilla extract. Continuing stirring until the marshmallows are all melted.

Once fully melted, take them off heat and pour over the rice krispies. Stir lightly to combine. Dump into a lightly greased 9x9 pan and let sit 5 minutes. Then go and light press into the pan with greased hands.  Allow them to cool and set about 20 minutes.

Mallow and Co: Strawberry Daiquiri Rice Krispy Treats


  1. These are awesome Summer! And oh, the eating. I think that's why my daughter is still so picky - I got so tired of wasting 20 things to find the right one each meal, I ended up just giving her what she wanted. Sigh.


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